Bed Stuy Murals Running List for Bed Stuy Arts Stroll

Bed-Stuy, which covers roughly 2,000 acres and is home to more than 400,000 people. This is a list of about 40 murals, a fraction of what the neighborhood has been tagged with. They depict famous residents, colorful, positive and celebrate the community and family life; famous names such as Jay Z, Mos Def and Big Daddy Kane. The older murals offer affirmations, positivity and encouragement.

The Northern End of Bed Stuy

  • Lots of murals on Broadway from Chauncey to Myrtle Avenue
  • Myrtle Lewis. Next to Food Bazaar.
  • Biggie on Throop near DeKalb Ave
  • One just completed in 2017 at Tompkins Houses by Groundswell, see more information at
  • On Tompkins & Halsey, there are some by local artist Alan Aine
  • There are murals at Hattie Carthan Community, 462 Halsey Community Garden.
  • New addition to existing one on Jefferson and Bedford on wall of Corner Grind
  • Biggie, Nostrand and Greene but might not be there any more
  • When Women Pursue Justice Mural 2005 Green/Nostrand
  • The infamous ODB benefit card mural on Putnam and Franklin right? ODB on Putnam near Franklin Avenue
  • Biggie on Franklin Ave near Dekalb.
  • The Man The Legend The Purple One on Herkimer right behind Restoration.
  • Yusuf Hawkins Mural on Verona Place near Fulton Street, – 1989 Floyd Sapp & 2011 Spector: Memorial Jusef Hawkins on Fulton/Verona
  • Justice Corps: Mural 2009 on Nostrand/Herkemer
  • Justice Corps: Mural 2009 on Fulton/Marcy
  • The Phillip Panell mural on Fulton St between Nostrand Ave and New York Ave
  • Boys and Girls High School has three. One features Pres. Obama, another Harriet Tubman and there’s one that’s a collage of folks including Dr. Frank Mickens, Shirley Chisholm, etc.
  • Justice Corps: Mural 2009 Fulton/Albany – The Fulton/Albany mural is part of the Icon’s Campaign, an initiative of the Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation, which was established in 2005 and celebrates the neighborhood’s rich heritage and economic resurgence
  • Know Your Rights mural on Marcus Garvey Blvd and MacDonough.
  • Mural on MacDonough across from Brooklyn Swirl, Next to Brooklyn Swirl (formerly Food For Thought spot) on MacDonough, Next to the other mural across from Brooklyn Swirl on MacDonough
  • The Tyson mural Spike put up on Stuyvesant Ave/Do The Right Thing Way
  • Emiliano B: In Memory of Corey (24 years old) 1994 Malcolm X/ Monroe
  • Next door, the Sean P Hip Hop artist from Duck Down label on Kingston Ave and Bergen St. Even tho this is in Crown Heights but it’s 2 blocks from Bed Stuy.

This Mural List for Bed Stuy Arts Stroll has been compiled by Atim Annette Oton, Calabar Imports and Calabar Gallery with assistance from the community members of the Facebook Group: Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn and this web article: